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Unit 4.1 Discussion: Differentiate - Roman Empire v. Ancient Greeks

The art of the Roman Empire has many consistencies with that of the Ancient Greeks, yet so much of its purpose and creation is different. Choose an example from the Romans, and differentiate between the traditional Greek designs and the Roman’s purpose. Focus on the style of the piece, and ask how this artwork reflects the new Empire while preserving past tradition of art.

Unit 4.2 Discussion: Digging Deeper

This Unit on the Ancient Roman Empire is extensive and awe-inspiring, much like the Empire itself in its prime. Take this opportunity to select one element from this Unit to investigate closer. Dig deeper into the history of a specific piece of art or architecture. Have an interest in mythology? Use the sculpture as a medium to explore the mythological stories that fueled the civilization. Curious about the gladiator games? Evaluate the Colosseum, and observe the stories that form the history. Or perhaps you are a history buff, with an interest in war strategies, conquest, and empirical rule. Find something that speaks to you, and share those interests and how the piece you chose impacts your own life.

Do not forget to attach a picture of the art and cite your resources!

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