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Unit 2.1 Discussion: Changing Perspective

Everyone recognizes art from Ancient Egypt! It is so recognizable and memorable. The Pyramids at Giza even made an appearance in Despicable Me! For this discussion, reflect on your previous exposure and opinion of Egyptian Art, and explain what you originally thought of it. Then, evaluate the new information learned and illustrate your new ability to interpret this artwork.

Discuss with your learning colleagues how your outlook has changed or perhaps, stayed the same. Follow the discussion criteria set forth in the first Unit.

Unit 2.2 Discussion: Compare and Contrast

Egyptian Art is easily recognizable, due to its extensive use of a canon. In contrast, the images from the Dynasty of Ahkenaten and Nefretiti stray from this tradition of image-making and become a new standard. Compare and contrast the traditional images of Egyptian Art with that of the bust of Queen Nefretiti. Differentiate what was expected from their traditional canon with what was created for this unique team of rulers.

Discuss with your learning colleagues why these pieces may have differed from the traditional pieces.

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