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121. In considering the changing American family, which of the following are marketers
likely to consider the least important?
a. Traditional households are growing rapidly.
b. Baby boomers are hitting retirement age.
c. More people are having only one child.
d. Married couples with children make up less than 25% of the nation’s households.
e. The number of stay-at-home fathers has increased in the past 20 years.
122. A marketing program promoting small/home business and technological support
services would most likely target which growing demographic segment?
a. Millennials
b. telecommuters
c. the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community
d. adults with disabilities
e. baby boomers
123. Chet Hoffman’s chain of travel agencies has identified the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender community as a growing market that spends an increasing percentage of
its income on travel. Which of the following would be the least effective component
of a marketing plan for Chet to take advantage of this opportunity?
a. develop a presence on social networking sites
b. position his agency as focused on specialized experiences
c. implement a mass marketing campaign
d. place specially-targeted ads in gay-themed publications
e. sponsor social events in metropolitan areas
124. With an expected increase in ethnic diversity, marketers may place a greater emphasis
on ________.
a. geographic segmentation
b. differing advertising messages
c. mass marketing
d. “us and them” paradigms
e. tiered markets
125. As a marketer of pesticides, you should be concerned about all of the following
natural environment trends mentioned in your text except ________.
a. shortages of raw materials
b. increased pollution
c. increased government intervention
d. persistence of cultural values
e. chemical pollutants in the food supply
126. The green movement will likely spark the least interest in which of the following?
a. recycling programs
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b. environmentally sustainable strategies
c. social responsibility
d. Internet usage
e. biodegradability
127. Norma Bernanke is a marketer at a pharmaceutical company that has just developed
a new medication to treat asthma. Which of the following components of the political
environment should Norma be least concerned with as her company begins to develop
a marketing plan for the new product?
a. approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
b. state laws regulating advertising of pharmaceuticals
c. laws enforced by the Federal Trade Commission
d. the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act
e. the National Traffic and Safety Act
128. As indicated in the chapter opener, change in the ________ environment has
impacted the marketing strategy at McDonald’s the most.
a. technological
b. natural
c. economic
d. cultural
e. political
129. Your company is making negotiations to enter a market in Lower Albania. You
discovered that ________ beliefs and values are open to change in this country.
a. simple
b. secondary
c. primary
d. core
e. none of the above
130. Which of the following is an example of a core belief?
a. Marriage is important.
b. Americans should display their patriotism.
c. The comforts of hearth and home are more important than entertainment outside
of the home.
d. The fragility of nature should be admired.
e. Professionals should wear business clothes to work.
131. Consumers undertaking which of the following would be least likely to be identified
as “Adventurers” by the Yankelovich Monitor?
a. taking a cruise
b. taking up a new sport
c. having a home entertainment center installed
d. hiking the Grand Canyon
e. traveling to Asia
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Part 2: Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers
132. Increased marketing of home amenities such as high-end barbeques, hot tubs, and
home entertainment centers has most likely been spurred by Americans’ changing
views of ________.
a. themselves
b. others
c. society
d. organizations
e. nature
133. Assume that you are a manager at a firm that takes a proactive approach to the
marketing environment. You would hire ________ to influence legislation affecting
the firm’s industry to its advantage.
a. mediators
b. lawyers
c. lobbyists
d. public relations specialists
e. media consultants
134. Which of the following forces would marketers be most likely able to influence?
a. geographic population shifts
b. core cultural values
c. income distribution
d. increasing ethnic diversity
e. media publics
Short Answer
135. If there is one overall lesson to be learned in the opening McDonald’s scenario, what
would it be?
136. How have large retailers such as Wal-Mart changed the dynamics behind partnering
with resellers?
137. How have China’s regulations over the past generation limiting family size to one
child per couple affected businesses?
138. How do baby boomers today differ from previous generations as they neared and
reached their sixties?
139. Based on your textbook’s description of Toyota’s marketing approach for Scion, what
are some components of a successful marketing program aimed at Millennials?
140. What are two potential drawbacks of creating separate products and marketing
programs for each generation?
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141. Why might marketers want to target segments of the population based on lifestyles
rather than age groups?
142. Give two characteristics of the American family that depict its “nontraditional”
143. Why has a growing portion of the American population shifted to “micropolitan
144. How might geographic shifts in population impact marketers?
145. In terms of ethnic and racial makeup, why is the United States today more accurately
characterized as a “salad bowl” than a “melting pot”?
146. Why have companies such as IBM and Levis targeted the lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender community with specifically tailored marketing efforts?
147. Briefly explain why Americans amassed record amounts of debt in the 1990s and
why the free-spending trend has ended.
148. Briefly explain the following statement: “The distribution of income has created a
tiered market.”
149. Why might it be beneficial for marketers to help develop solutions to problems facing
the natural environment, such as increased pollution and shortages of raw material?
150. What is meant by the “green movement”?
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