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31. In 1950, women made up 30 percent of the workforce; now they make up ________.
a. 35 percent
b. 40 percent
c. 43 percent
d. 46 percent
e. 59 percent
32.Americans are very mobile. Over the past two decades, the U.S. population has
shifted toward the ________ states.
a. Midwestern
b. Western
c. Sunbelt
d. Southeastern
e. Northeastern
33. Which of the following geographical areas has not seen a recent population increase?
a. micropolitan areas
b. suburbs
c. the West
d. the Northeast
e. the South
34. In the 1950’s the American population began moving from large cities to ________.
a. farming communities
b. rural areas
c. foreign countries
d. suburbs
e. coastal towns
35.As more and more Americans are moving to “micropolitan areas,” marketers can
most reasonably assume that ________.
a. geographic segmentation may be less critical
b. rural populations will offer an expanding market
c. micropolitan areas may offer the same advantages as metropolitan areas
d. congested areas may become more ensnarled
e. crime rates in metropolitan areas will increase
36.Population shifts interest marketers because people in different regions ________
a. eat
b. relax
c. buy
d. act
e. communicate
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37.Nearly 10 percent of American workers are working out of their homes with
technological conveniences such as PCs, Internet access, and fax machines. These
workers are referred to as the ________ market.
a. telecommuter
c. mobile
d. work-at-home
e. contract
38.Over the past 50 years, which of the following groups of workers has become
a. white collar
b. blue collar
c. service
d. telecommuters
e. restaurant employees
39.Because of increasing ________, Americans will demand higher quality products,
books, magazines, travel, personal computers, and Internet services.
a. income
b. family size
c. levels of education
d. social class awareness
e. ethnic diversity
40. Which of the following is an accurate statement about the diversity of the American
a. African Americans represent the largest non-white segment of the population.
b. More than 12 percent of people living in the United States were born in another
c. The Asian American percentage of the population is expected to remain steady in
the next 50 years.
d. In terms of ethnic diversity, the United States is about average in comparison to
other countries with populations of a comparable size.
e. American ethnic populations are expected to slowly increase in the next few
41.Many large companies now target specially designed ________ and ________ to
ethnic groups in the United States.
a. advertising; services
b. services; promotions
c. products; promotions
d. services; labeling
e. TV commercials; markets
42.With an expected increase in ethnic populations, marketers are likely to place a
greater emphasis on ________.
a. geographic segmentation
b. targeted advertising messages
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Part 2: Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers
c. mass marketing
d. mainstream advertising
e. cause-related marketing
43.Members of which of the following groups are more likely than the general
population to have professional jobs, own a vacation home, own a notebook
computer, and own individual stocks?
a. Gen Xers
b. gays and lesbians
c. baby boomers
d. echo boomers
e. environmentalists
44. The diversity segment of ________ is expected to grow as a result of the aging baby
boomer population.
a. adults with disabilities
b. Hispanics
c. Asians
d. Sunbelt states residents
e. the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community
45. The ________ environment consists of factors that affect consumer purchasing power
and spending patterns.
a. cultural
b. political
c. technological
d. economic
e. natural
46.A country with a(n) ________ economy consumes most of is own agricultural and
industrial outputs and offers few market opportunities.
a. industrial
b. service
c. technological
d. subsistence
e. rural
47.Which of the following factors has not contributed to today’s age of the “squeezed
a. rising incomes in the upper class
b. debt repayment
c. increasing household expenses
d. savings for college tuition
e. savings for retirement
48. Value marketing is the strategy of offering consumers ________.
a. high quality at a high price
b. luxury quality at a high price
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c. lesser quality at a low price
d. reasonable quality at a fair price
e. little quality at a low price
49. Which economic group is somewhat careful about its spending but can afford services
and goods seen as part of the good life some of the time?
a. upper class
b. middle class
c. working class
d. lower class
e. underclass
50. Which of the following groups of expenses uses up most household income?
a. food, housing, retirement planning
b. housing, insurance, taxes
c. food, housing, transportation
d. housing, taxes, transportation
e. food, travel, savings
51.Ernst Engel’s laws generally have been supported by recent studies. He discovered
that as family income rises, the percentage spent on ________ declines and the
percentage spent on ________ remains about constant.
a. food; clothing
b. clothing; recreation/entertainment
c. food; transportation
d. food; housing
e. recreation/entertainment; savings
52. The natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by
marketing activities are referred to as the ________.
a. raw material market
b. natural environment
c. endangered environment
d. green movement
e. factors of production
53.Which of the following American government agencies is charged with setting and
enforcing pollution standards?
a. the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
b. the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
c. the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
d. the Consumer Product Safety Commission
e. the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
54.What movement has encouraged marketers to pursue environmentally sustainable
a. the EPA
b. the black market
c. the green movement
d. deregulation
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Part 2: Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers
e. green interven
55.Which of the following represents the most dramatic force shaping a modern
marketer’s destiny?
a. the technological environment
b. the natural environment
c. the political environment
d. deregulation
e. partnership marketing
56. Companies that do not keep up to date with the ________ environment may miss new
product and market opportunities and find their current products outdated.
a. natural
b. political
c. technological
d. economic
e. demographic
57. Which country leads the world in research and development spending?
a. England
b. Germany
c. Sweden
d. Japan
e. the United States
58.Marketers should be aware of laws, government agencies, and pressure groups that
influence or limit various organizations and individuals in a given society. This is the
________ environment.
a. socio-legal
b. cultural
c. political
d. legal-technological
e. economic
59.Even the most liberal advocates of free-market economies agree that the system
works best with ________.
a. minimal regulation
b. maximum regulation
c. intermittent regulation
d. at least some regulation
e. no regulation
60.As marketing manager for Laser Industries, you should be aware that legislation
affecting business around the world will continue to ________.
a. exist
b. increase
c. remain steady
d. decrease
e. threaten the American domestic economy
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