Arguments for the Existence of God to a Non-Believer

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Arguments for the Existence of God to a Non-Believer

Read Peter Kreeft's webpage "Twenty Arguments for the Existence of God" at

Evaluate arguments 6, 14, 16, 18, and 19 and select the one that you would feel most comfortable using when trying to convince an open-minded non-believer in the existence of God.

Write analyzing your argument. Be sure to take into account of the following guidelines:

1. State the argument in your own words.
2. Explain the argument's strengths
3. Explain (two) of the argument's weaknesses (you should consider another reliable Internet source when addressing the weaknesses).
4. Explain which attributes of God are supported by the argument. For example, "Is the God proven to exist actually a personal God?"
5. Explain how you think that the argument might affect your non-believer intellectually and emotionally.

400-500 words in length.

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