APOL 104 Quiz 8 Answers

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Apol 104 Quiz 8 Answers

1. Modernism is based on:

2. The definition of the word tolerance may not have changed but our culture has dramatically changed its meaning.

3. Tolerance should be viewed in reference to how we:

4. The law of non-Contradiction states:

5. According to the apostle Paul Christians should be peaceable toward people regardless of their views or opinions.

6. The new tolerance has disguised itself in a popular approach to moral decision making called:

7. According to christens who are exclusivists only Christianity presents the true means of salvation.

8. The Christian apologist needs to try to save and reestablish modernism.

9. Greg Koukl taught that humans are to be elitist toward ideas but egalitarian regarding people.

10. Which of the following religions are monotheistic?

11. The classic view of tolerance states that all views have equal value and that one view should not be considered better than another.

12. The concept of the new tolerance is inconsistent if not impossible to live sine humans will disagree with each other’s views regarding truth.

13. The problem with the new tolerance is that the only opinion that is acceptable is no opinion, True

14. Which of the following best exemplifies the new religions tolerance?

15. Telling stories or giving personal testimonies is not affective when sharing the gospel message with the postmodern.

16. New tolerance is also called:

17. Traditional tolerance is impossible to practice in today’s culture.

18. The search of significance as expressed by postmodernism is a reaction to the emptiness of modernism.

20. New tolerance refuses to distinguish between truth and error.

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