APOL 104 Quiz 6 Answers

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Apol 104 Quiz 6

1. A conventional relativist assumes that what is right in his/her society would also be true in another society.

2. Soft Determinism is less harsh in its rhetoric than hard determinism but the two are consistent in the final outcome.

3. God’s restrictive boundaries for human behavior first began:

4. A person who determines morality based upon what man says or thinks is approaching morality.

5. Christian ethics contends that the absolute standard of goodness is the very person of God.

6. Hedonism views actions by their resulting:

7. Hedonism does not acknowledge the existence of moral absolutes.

8. Determinism provides a means to avoid moral responsibility.

9. I believe that abortion is morally right because a majority of people in this community believe it to be so. This is an example of:

10. Jesus made the assertion that there is a direct relation between the way people treat ____ and the way they revere and respect God.

11. By definition _____ is the blending of ideas and values from different or opposing views.

12. Jesus made it clear that it is impossible for man to justify himself.

13. Using a relativistic approach, what is true now may not be true in the future.

14. These theories focus on the results/end of an act to determine the morality of that act.

15. I determine what is right and wrong and you should not try to force your values on me – This is an example of:

16. The subjective relativist believes that truth is subject to individual interpretation and experience.

17. Historically, the advantage of Utilaterism is that it has always resulted in the avoidance of human rights injustices.

18. ____ said that man is the measure of all things.

19. Some forms of deterministic thinking describe certain behaviors as a matter of genetic destiny rather than personal choice. 

20. A theist determinist believes that everything must be determined by God for him to remain sovereign.

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