APOL 104 Quiz 5 Answers

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Apol 104 Quiz 5

1. The Hindu heaven is a physical placed called Nirvana.

2. Since the fall of humanity (Genesis Chapter 3) mankind has sought to declare independence from God.

3. The founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama, was a poor peasant boy who was disturbed by the plight of the poor and the apathy of the wealthy.

4. Humans create truth through trial and error.

5. The Buddhists seeks to follow the Middle Way which keeps a person from the extremes of indulging or punishing the flesh.

6. The Buddhist belief in nirvana is essentially the same as the Christian belief in heaven.

7. Buddhism was once a sect of, and eventually split from: 

8. The Hindu is more concerned with the rituals and rites that they follow, than the gods they worship.

9. Most religions are exclusive. They believe their way is the only way to truth.

10. The Buddhist does believe in a personal God so this is a good place to start when sharing Jesus with them.

11. The concept of God’s absolute holiness is unique to Christianity.

12. Hinduism was founded by:

13. The word Islam literally means:

14. The vast majority of Hindus live in:

15. All Hindus are polytheists. They believe in many gods.

16. Hinduism is a very diverse religion with some unifying beliefs but no specific creed.

17. Which if the following words best describes Samsara?

18. The purpose of Yoga to the Hindu s:

19. The earliest of the Hindu scriptures are:

20. A person can tell if a worldview is true by testing it against the three criteria for truth:

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