APOL 104 Quiz 3 Answers

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Apol Quiz 3

1. God revealing himself through nature is known as:

2. The three most prominent or primary worldviews in our world today are naturalism, pantheism, and theism:

3. Evolution is ultimately based upon faith:

4. If a secularist rejects the bible, don’t encourage him/her to read the bible until you give him/her a good apologetic response to their objections:

5. The invention of the Gutenberg printing press influenced both the reformation and the renaissance:

6. The Buddha rejected the caste system of Hinduism and declared that everyone had an equal opportunity to reach nirvana:

7. Holding a proper worldview demands a standard for measuring which of the following:

8. The search for truth is known as the science of:

9. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are examples of theistic worldviews:

10. There are no external evidences for the truthfulness of the bible:

11. According to the science of epistemology truth must be measureable and defendable:

12. The worldview Question of origin deals with: Where did human life and the universe come from:

13. Morality in naturalism most often falls into the category of absolutism or the belief in absolute truth:

14. There are no logical responses to the problem of evil which causes most secularists to reject Christianity:

15. An example of special revelation is the creation that humans can see around them:

16. Eastern World religions include a belief that humans can achieve God-Like Status:

17. Global apologetics attempts to understand the beliefs of the listener thus anticipation the assumptions they may have concerning Jesus Christ:

18. The beliefs of secularism include:

19. A person can believe in reincarnation and still believe in the trustworthiness of scripture:

20. Western or new World religions are those that typically teach reincarnation:

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