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Apol Quiz 2

1. I cannot be a Christian because all Christians are hypocrites is an example of:

2. Making a judgment on the basis of one or even a few samples is what type of fallacy?

3. An argument against an action on the unsupported assertion that it will lead to a much worse condition is what type of fallacy?

4. When asked by John the Baptist Jesus referenced his miracles as evidence that he Jesus was indeed the Son of God.

5. Critical thinking involves:

6. The act of faith does not involve the intellect since faith is a spiritual belief:

7. The two primary ways evidence is gathered: data gained from an external source and:

8. Critical thinking is:

9. Accepting the opinions of others as one's own opinion without applying critical thinking skills to that opinion is what type of decision-making?

10. Indecision, not making a decision, is actually a decision in itself.

11. A person sometimes uses a logical fallacy if he/she realizes his/her argument is weak.

12. Evidence does not exist to prove humans were created by God therefore man was not created by God is an example of:

13. We should apply critical thinking to communications and information that we receive from"

14. Oversimplifying a complex issue to make it seem like there are only two options are possible is an example of a false dilemma fallacy:

15. The bible is the word of God because it says so is an example of begging the question:

16. Faith and reason are both necessary for Christian belief:

17. The fallacy of exclusion is used when evidence that would affect the conclusion is purposely left out:

18. A person can know about God through:

19. When a shooting takes place at a school arguing that the reason it occurred was because of gun laws alone is what type of fallacy?

20. The term critical in critical thinking literally means to be unaccepting of any opinion outside of one’s own beliefs:

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