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APOL 104 Quiz 1

1. Christianity is unique in its belief that humanity is hopeless and spiritual dead unable to save themselves through human effort.

2. Jesus never referred to the authority of the Old Testament.

3. The following cannot be said of the Bible.

4. In cultural apologetics one must be careful because there is often exposure to the darker side of human depravity.

5. When Jesus presented the Gospel most people accepted it the first time they heard it.

6. William Ramsay who was a skeptic about the historical accuracy of the Bible changed his mind after researching one of the gospel writers detail to titles of historical figures. The writer was:

7. When presenting the gospel to the people Christians should be:

8. All copies of the biblical manuscript are inspired just like the original manuscripts.

9. Leaving the ground unplowed and unused every seventh year is one example of how the bible included scientific knowledge before it was known and taught by scientists.

10. According to Geisler, the central theme of the bible is:

11. Ignatius was the bishop of what ancient city?

12. According to Dr. Weider the Christian faith is both reasonable and defendable.

13. Variants in the biblical manuscripts have provided great difficulty in determining the clear message of the biblical text.

14. The course (Apologetics 104) will be approaching the issue of worldview ...

15. The bible was written over a period of 1500 years.

16. The trustworthiness of the biblical writers can be supported because they:

17. Christianity is the most well-reasoned factually based worldview on the planet.

18. The bible was originally written in three different languages.

19. Paul speaking on Mars Hill as found in Acts 17 is an example of cultural apologetics.

20. When Jesus spoke as one who had authority:

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