Anticipated dissection

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Anatomical Dissection ReflectionOne of your courses in Semester One will be Gross Anatomy where you will be introduced to the human body through anatomical dissection. These experiences are ones which some students look forward to with great anticipation and excitement, some with anxiety, and some with fear. Seldom are students unaffected in one way or another by this experience. Some have likened gross anatomy to an initiation or rite of passage. You will join the ranks of a privileged few who have had the opportunity to dissect the human body. This is one of the first identifiable steps that will set you apart from other professions. You will discover that your learning is not only the accumulation of facts about the human body, but is the beginning of a transformation into the health profession.The teaching faculty for the Gross Anatomy course request that you reflect upon the thoughts and feelings that are evoked within you as you anticipate the experience of human dissection. Then express your thoughts about this upcoming experience by sharing a short reflection, drawing, image, poem, haiku, video (whatever medium you prefer.)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My idea is that I want to show one historical picture( I've uploaded) and under that picture to write a short statement that for me an Anatomical Dissection is not about fear or etc., It is necessary historical, better understanding, part of doctoral education. Something like this. Sorry for my Englishwriting. Maybe 500 words essay.Attachments area
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