An operator is assigned to operate malt shake machines.

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An operator is assigned to operate malt shake machines. Malt shake machine is semi automatic which requires manual loading and unloading. It runs 3.5 minutes to make malt shake. Each time malt shake machine can produce enough shake to serve 3 people with paper cup. There is only one mixing cup available for all machines. Based on the following information,

Place ingredients in the mixing cup = 0.5 min

Pour malt into paper cup = 0.5 min

Insert mixing cup into mixing machine = 0.1 min

Remove mixing cup = 0.1 min

Travel time between 2 machines = 2 min


No. of machines per operator (n1)

Production per hour (R)

Using the total cost equation, determine which direction to round off n1, the number of machines to be assigned, such that the product cost is minimized when the machine time (for each machine) costs $15.00/hour and the worker costs $6.75/hour.

If the operator is given with the enough mixing cups, what would be the idle time for the operator and what is the current production rate?.

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