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Match each of the following investment terms with the appropriate definition below.


1- A corporation owning all or the majority of the voting stock of another corporation

2- A balance sheet account where the fair value adjustment for investment is reported

3- A corporation controlled by another corporation that owns all or the majority of its voting stock -

4 - The method for accounting for investments 20 -50 % in another company’s stock

5 - The market price that would be received if an investments were sold

6 - Measurement of the rate of the return to stockholders based on cash dividends

7 - Combined reporting of a corporation and other corporations it controls

8 - Recognition of changes in the fair value of short-term investment

9 - The value assigned to held-to-maturity securities

10 - Appropriate method for accounting for small stock investments


A) Equity method

B) Parent company

C) Subsidiary company

D) Consolidated financial statements

E) Fair value

F) Unrealized gain or loss on investment

G) Valuation allowance for investment

H) Dividend yield

I) Amortized cost

J) Cost method

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