A. Browse around in the CSS Zen

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Browse around in the CSS Zen Garden (www.csszengarden.com). Study the CSS Zen Garden siteclosely. Describe what the CSS Zen Garden is all about. Download the sample HTML and CSS files (third paragraph in the Participation section on the home page). Open these two files in Brackets and run the HTML file in the Live Preview browser. Study the CSS code in the style.css file and describe at least three new things about the CSS code that you learned from this file. Feel free to edit any of the CSS code to see what happens.


1. In href and src attributes, the _____ that is given points to a particular file or directory and tells the browser where to find the file or object.

2.In the following lines of code, which is the FIRST line to contain an error?

1 <ol>

2 <li>…</li>

3 <li>…</li>

4 <ol>

5 <li>…</li>

6 <li>…</li>

7 </ol>

8 <li>…</li>

9 <li>…</li>

10 <ol>

3. Which of the following is true about the following line of code?

<p>The <em>quick brown fox jumped over the <strong>lazy</strong> dog.</p></em>

a. A quick fox could jump over any kind of dog on any day.

b. It is wrong to mix block and inline elements without an intervening block level element.

c. The closing paragraph element tag should be inside the period at the end of the sentence.

d. The elements tags are not nested correctly.

4.Which of the following IS NOT TRUE about using the <pre>…</pre> element?

a. It will cause the browser to show any extra white space or line returns you enter into the content.

b. The browser will use a monospaced font to display your content.

c. It is often used to display things like code or poetry.

d. All content will begin along the left-margin.

5. A document _____ is a link to a particular spot within a web page.

6.Which of the following is the proper element and syntax for placing an image on a page in your HTML5 project?

a. <img href="image.jpg" alt="some text about the image">

b. <img src="image.jpg" alt="some text about the image">

c. <img src="image"/>

d. <image src="image.jpg" alt="some text about the image">

7.If the href attribute in an anchor tag begins with ../../../ the browser will ____

8. HTML5 specifications refer to "phrasing elements." Which of the following best explains what a phrasing element is?

a. Phrasing elements refer to paragraphs only.

b. Phrasing elements are any that will not cause line breaks to occur.

c. Phrasing elements" refer to styles that makes the text appear bold, italic, etc.

d. Phrasing elements are only those that displays as blocks and cause space to appear below the content.

9. Well-formed HTML code will _____

10. Websites created with funds coming from the federal government must comply with ______

11. Sticking with _____ is your primary tool for ensuring your site is as consistent as possible on all standards-compliant browsers.

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