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1.(Note that there are two major parts to this one):1. How does Amos criticize the aristocracy of Samaria in Amos 6:1-7? What will be their judgment? Use your study Bible (page 1312) AND consult theOnline Bible Commentary on Amos(http://www.bible.gen.nz/amos/frametext.htm). Consult the appropriate passage by clicking on the chapters and verses in the top left hand box.2. Using thePostmodern Online Commentary(http://bible.gen.nz/)and your Oxford Bible (page 1314), research Amos 8:1-3. Write your own interpretation of these verses. Explain the important terms within the passage or anything else that you think is important.

2.Summarize the historical background, including dates and important people, behind the prophet Jeremiah's "Temple Sermon" in Jeremiah 7. The story is told in Jeremiah 26-28. What was Jeremiah trying to accomplish through his Temple Sermon? If you were a visiting representative from the Kingdom of Tyre, what would you have thought of Jeremiah and his message?

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