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Writing up a Ph.D. dissertation often takes place as a frenzied activity for most students during their last few months of degree study. For students, a Ph.D. dissertation is a synonym for spending long hours researching and writing and sitting in place with a laptop. 

However, writing a well written, high quality dissertation is a challenging task to achieve. Many students have time constraints or have other priority commitments. Due to this students are not able to achieve their desired grades in their Ph.D. degree. 

In addition, many students choose part time jobs along with their studies, which results in busy schedules and time constraints. Hence, this results in late submission and mark deduction. We encourage these students to choose an online professional PH.d. dissertation writing service from Homework Minutes to bridge the gap and boost their grades. Since dissertation writing is a major part of a Ph.D. degree we come up with 6 key points to keep in mind for writing a top notch Ph.D. dissertation.

  1. Research, Research, Research
  2. Make a Rough Draft 
  3. Write an Attractive Introduction
  4. Clarify Your Thesis Statement 
  5. Provide Proper Citation 
  6. Do Not Struggle Alone


Research, Research, Research

Every top notch quality content starts with top notch research. A Ph.D. student is expected to complete their in-depth research before starting to write their dissertation. Moreover, many students start their research from free resources available on the internet and websites. But, the fact is it is almost impossible to craft a high quality dissertation and stand out just using the free resources. Detailed and professional knowledge and information are only locked up in the paid resources to which most students do not have access.

In these scenarios, students choose online writing services as a helping hand. The users of Homework Minutes can get access to all the paid resources to gather the data and information for writing their Ph.D. dissertation without any additional cost for membership or newsletters. 


Make a Rough Draft 

Dissertation writing is a complex and complicated task and students can make it more complex when they do not follow the rule of two drafts. In the world of professionals, it is a rule for every expert to make a rough draft containing all the ideas and research data and then filter the data to the final draft. 

  • Rough Draft

The primary purpose of a rough draft also known as the first draft is to allow the student of the Ph.D. to write new ideas and research data. It is revised and re-edited on the basis of feedback from friends and mentors. 

Students do not need to be afraid to make a mess in their first draft since it is going to be edited again in the final stage. 

  • Final Draft

In the final draft, a student needs to filter out all the key data from the rough draft. Students need to place their research and data in a logical format. Plus, no student can afford to create a mess at this stage. Because a single mistake can cost students their valuable grades. 


Write an Attractive Introduction

We always hear that the introduction of any essay and dissertation should be interesting and eye catching for the readers. Since it is your first and last opportunity to leave an impact on your viewers and professors.

In the introduction, you need to introduce your topic with a brief amount of content ending with a well developed thesis statement. 

Generally, the introduction is the very first section of your Ph.D. dissertation and appears right after the table of contents. It becomes vital to draw the attention of your professors from a strong beginning of your dissertation. 

If a student has low confidence in their writing skill or is short on the deadline. We encourage them to choose online writing services from Homework Minutes.


Clarify Your Thesis Statement 

Everyone can agree that the thesis statement is the most important statement in dissertation writing. And, the reason behind that is because from the thesis statement your professor is able to understand your point of view and understanding of the given topic. In addition, the thesis statement helps the readers to expect what is coming next in the following content of the Ph.D. dissertation

A well written thesis statement should clear readers

  • Justify your position on the topic
  • What is the purpose of your Ph.D. dissertation 
  • The key points of your argument or narrative


Provide Proper Citation 

Often many students have a tendency to forget about providing proper citations for the resources they used. Many universities have a strict rule of adding a dedicated page for providing all references used in making a dissertation. 

In the absence of a reference page, the university may consider your dissertations as plagiarized. Most educational institutes have strict rules and regulations regarding using plagiarized content. According to the eye of the university, plagiarism is a big offense and students have to suffer the consequences. In the same cases, students even get expelled from the institute.

In some cases, if there is a need of quoting a sentence of a paragraph it becomes essential to mention the citation to avoid plagiarism.

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Do Not Struggle Alone

One of the biggest mistakes a student can make is trying to struggle alone. Nowadays there are many websites offering their online writing services. But, the most suitable website for most students is Homework Minutes.

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