8 Easy Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

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Writing an essay often seems to be a tedious job for most students. Many students can get overwhelmed because of the burden of academic essays. While essay writing is a big task, students need to take care of multiple things at the same time. They are expected to go back and forth while juggling and managing all their other commitments as well. We at Homework Minutes come up with 8 easy tips for students to create a high quality essay and boost their academic grades. 

  1. Pick Your Topic Wisely 
  2. Research, Research, Research
  3. Structure Your Work
  4. Write a Strong Thesis Statement
  5. Avoid the Use of Jargon
  6. Make Sure Your Content Is 100% Unique
  7. Seek Help From an Expert
  8. Proofread What You Wrote


Tip 1 – Pick Your Topic Wisely 

Choosing the right topic for your essay can be the most difficult decision for the student. In some cases, students may be assigned a topic by their professors. And, in some scenarios students have an option to choose their own topics. 

If you have not been assigned a topic by your professor, then you should utilize the opportunity to make your work easy. However, this opportunity also allows you to pick a topic you already have an interest in or that is relevant to you. 


Tip 2 – Research, Research, Research

After deciding on the topic of your essay. The next step is to spend long hours in the research phase. Many students have a habit of finding their data from the free online resources available online. But, the resources have their own limitations. The in-depth knowledge and information are present in the paid resources to which students may not have access. 

However, students can hire an online writing service from online websites such as Homework Minutes. The customers of Homework Minutes do not need to worry about the relevance and research phase. After choosing us students get access to premium resources and research papers without additional or hidden costs. 


Tip 3 – Structure Your Work

In order to write high quality academic essays, you must organize and structure your thoughts and content. Putting all your ideas on a piece of paper in logical order helps you see connections and links between written content. In some cases, universities have their own structure and requirements. But, generally, essays start with an introduction followed by 2 to 3 body paragraphs and conclude with a conclusion. 


  • Introduction 

Great essay writing is hard to master, but it is not impossible if you do it right. Professors and experts will tell you that you can catch the eyes of readers by delivering an interesting introduction. Followed by the thesis statement in the end to clarify your opinion on the topic.

  • Body Paragraphs

The body of your essay is where you will build your case on the topic. This section is divided into 2 to 3 paragraphs in sequential order. And, contain all your research and opinion about the topic.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is a brief summary of the whole essay containing all the key points and statements you want to emphasize. The conclusion brings closure to your essay and sums up your overall idea and provides the final perspective


Tip 4 – Write a Strong Thesis Statement

Now after deciding on your topic and researching thoroughly, the next step is to write an introduction with a thesis statement at the end. But what is a thesis statement you may ask? The thesis statement is a sentence that defines your ideas and opinions on the topic. Plus, this statement helps the readers and the professor to understand and expect what is coming next in the body paragraphs. 

Since the thesis statement is one of the most important elements of the essays. Yet, many students struggle to write it. But, now these students can choose expert writing services from Homework Minutes at an affordable price.


Tip 5 – Avoid the Use of Jargon

We often hear not to use technical jargon in essay writing. But, what is jargon? Jargon is the special words or sentences which can only be understood by a group of people. For example, computer science students use technical words to communicate with each other. 

Using jargon words makes your essay more complicated and complex for the professor to evaluate. Hence, this results in lower grades than expected. 


Tip 6 – Make Sure Your Content Is 100% Unique

All academic assignments and essays come with a tight deadline. And, often students have a tendency of procrastinate their essay writing as much as they can. And, when the deadline comes near the students  gets tempted to copy their essays from the internet, friends, or classmates. Which results in plagiarized content.

In most education institutes around the globe, plagiarism is considered an ethical offense. Plus, many universities and colleges have strict rules and regulations regarding the use of copied content. Generally, if a student is caught with the copied content they will be awarded an F grade. And, in some cases, students even can get expelled from the institute. 

However, if there is a need to quote a line from the internet, proving a proper reference of citation can help students to avoid plagiarism. But, make sure not to use too many citations since it can have a negative impact on your essay. 


Tip 7 – Seek Help From an Expert

Nowadays, many students choose an additional part time job along with their studies, especially international students. Moreover, some students have other commitments and have time constraints. Since all the essays and tasks come with a deadline it becomes important for students to submit their task before the submission date. 

To avoid late submission nowadays many students are choosing essay writing help services. For most students, Homework Minutes is the best option to complete their essays. Our primary mission is to provide high quality essays to our users at an affordable price. 


Tip 8 – Proofread What You Wrote

After completing your detailed essay and spending long hours students have to proofread their work. For many students going through their assignments and essays can be a nightmare. But, the last step is to go through to find all the mistakes and errors. During proofreading every student needs to open their eyes for:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Incomplete sentences 
  • Misspelled words
  • Grammatical errors


Wrapping Up

To conclude, many students face various difficulties and challenges in completing their essays. Since essays play a vital role in skill development and contain academic grades it becomes essential for everyone to submit high quality content.

To help students with their academic writing we come up with the 8 best tips and tricks for completing essays. Moreover, for students with time constraints, we encourage them to choose the online essay writing services from Homework Minutes.