You need to get your homework done at midnight!!


No Worries at all!!

We have the instant help service including chatting option. So you can take help whenever you need.

A student can post their academic question on Homework Minutes through the Ask a Question link available on top of every page.

While posting a question, they need to specify:
– a Title (brief introduction on the what the question is about)
– detailed Question (the actual question that requires help, along with any file attachments)
– the Price that they are willing to pay for a good tutorial
– the Due date, before which the tutorial is required
– the Subject / Topic to which the question relates

As soon as the student posts a question, it becomes available to everybody on the site-students, tutors everyone. The tutors can then post their answers with a price. The students will get a preview of the answers posted by the tutors. The preview will include a part of the answer posted by the tutor. In order to access the full answer, the student will have to pay the price demanded by the tutor.


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