Tips on How to Write a Letter Like a Professional

Tips on How to Write a Letter Like a Professional

Before the beginning of the era of modern technology, letter writing was considered an essential source of communication. People were familiar with how to write a letter. Dating back to the early times when there were no cellphones, a letter was the only medium to send a message. It used to take some time to reach, but it was a reliable medium. We know about the history due to the letters the royals and the common man exchanged. Even today, a letter is necessary for the workplace as well as personal life. So let us educate ourselves about the letter and how to write a letter.

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How to Do Letter Writing

A letter is a document consisting of a written message that can be printed or handwritten. It is usually sent via mail or post in an envelope. Any such type of message dispatched via post is a letter. Due to the advent of e-mails as a form of communication, the art of how to write a letter has taken a backseat. However, even today, a lot of communication takes place via letters, especially the formal ones. This is why it is essential to know the various types of letters used and how to write a letter for the same.

 Types of Letters

 The kinds of the letter are divided into two types, namely formal and informal letter. But few more types of letters distinguish according to the content, formalities, and purpose of writing a letter. Let us know about the various kinds of letters.

 Formal Letter

 It is the type of letter which is strictly professional. It directly addresses the issues and consists of a particular format of how to write a letter. Any kind of business letter falls into this type of category.

 Informal Letter

 It is the type of letter which is personal letters and do not follow any set pattern of how to write a letter. They usually contain written conversations or personal information. The informal letters are generally written to friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

 Business Letter

 It is the type of letter which consists of business-related information. The purpose of writing this letter is to gain information about the orders, quotations, complaints, letters for collection, etc. These are strictly formal and consists of a definite structure and a pattern of how to write a letter.

Official Letter

An official letter consists of official information like rules, regulations, events, or any such information. It is the type of letter which is usually written to the offices, branches, etc. they are also formal and follow a certain pattern and a structure.

Circular letter

The circular letter addresses a large number of audience and is meant to announce information. The same letter circulates to a large group of people and consists of some important information like a change of address, the retirement of a partner, etc.

Employment letter

The employment letter is written concerning employment purposes. It is usually regarding job promotion, joining letters, resignation letters, etc.

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Tips of How to Write a Letter

Now that we have learned about the meaning of the letter and its types, let’s focus on the tips on how to write a letter.

 Identify the type

The first step before writing a letter is to identify the type of letter you are to be writing. It is identified by the person you want to address the letter and the information that conveys through it. Suppose if you were to write a letter to the principal regarding leave, this would be a formal letter. But if you were to write a letter to your friend, then it would be an informal letter.

Closing and ending of the letter

Make sure the closing and end of the letter should be correct. Formal letters open with a specific format and greeting that is formal. But do you know how to write an informal letter? It doesn’t consist of any particular pattern. Informal letters address informal greeting as the writer wishes. Even while closing the letter, one should keep in mind the kind of letter. If it is formal, then it should close respectfully and impersonally, whereas informal letters end with more of a personal touch.

Establish the purpose

When you know about how to write a letter, make sure you get to the point early. It is especially for letters that are formal in nature. Be specific and get to the point and reason for writing a letter.

Use language carefully

The writer should keep in mind the language when writing any type of letter. Just knowing about how to write a letter is not enough. Even if it is a complaint, keep the point respectfully and in a courteous way. It is necessary to use polite language in all types of letters.

 Length of the letter

Keep the length of the letter in mind while writing a formal letter. The point should be specified of writing a letter should be specified early, precisely, and to the point.

How to write a letter is a frequently asked question. Writing a letter is not a difficult task unless you know the type of letter you want to write and to whom. Make sure you keep these tips in mind before writing a letter to be able to convey your information properly.

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