How to Write Narrative Essay with Writing Services

How to Write Narrative Essay with Writing Services

The narrative essay is a branch of academic essay writing. also known as a personal essay. In this type of essay, the writer has to tell a story about their past experiences and, as a result, arrive at a certain conclusion about the story. Narrative essays are generally personalized, experiential, as well as creative in nature. Yet, they should follow the structure and rules of academic writing.

Types of Narrative Essays 

Linear Narrative

In linear narrative essays, the writer narrates the story in the sequence of the incidents that happened. This type of narrative is generally based on real life incidents where the writer wants to create the sense of personal story as a character experiences in day to day life

Non-Linear Narrative

In non-linear narrative essays, the writer narrates the event in out of order. Also, flashbacks and other literary devices are used to shift the sequence of the story. 

Viewpoint Narrative

In viewpoint narrative, the main purpose is to help the reader to understand the views and feelings of the writer or ‘viewpoint narrator’

This narrative style of viewpoint narrative often takes the form of first-person or third-person, in which the omniscient narrator switches between the POVs and private thoughts of multiple central characters.


In autobiographical essays, the writer narrates the event or story of the past. Often writer narrates the story in the present tense, it all depends on the choice of the writer

Key points for narrative essays

Outline Your Work

Regardless of the length and type of narrative essays, you should follow the basic academic structure:

  • Introduction

The first impression is the last impression. The starting of the introduction should be with a “hook line” to engage the reader and professors. Also,  goes on to outline the theme of the essay.

  • Body Paragraphs

Here the writers build narrate their stories with appropriate references. They describe scenes and events in detail as well as develop characters. Generally, this section contains 2-3 paragraphs in a logical sequence.

  • Conclusion

This short conclusion at the end of narrative essays contains a short description of the whole essay. A conclusion should contain all the key points and sum up the essay.

Pick one Point of View

It is always recommended to write your narrative essay in the first person point of view or third person point of view. Writing essays in first person point of view with past tense is the most natural way for a narrative essay. 

You should always avoid using a second person’s point of view. And, after deciding your writing style don’t switch perspectives midway: it’s rarely effective to the audience.

Avoid Plagiarism Content 

Nowadays, evolution in technology made it much easier to find plagiarized content in an essay. Many institutes worldwide use a plagiarism checker tool to find out the originality of content in academic essays. Copying the content online or copying your friend’s essay may affect academic integrity. Also, the university can take strict action against the students who submit plagiarized essays.

Most academic institutions around the world include a dissertation paper as a part of their syllabus to ensure that students learn and research the topic on a deeper level. Therefore, if a student submits an article with plagiarized content the institute may band or reward the student with zero grades.

Proofread Everything

What is proofreading? Proofreading is the process in which the writer goes through the essay to find spelling and grammatical errors. The main motive is to make sure you have used quotation marks around in the wrong place. Also, proofreading is the final step of essay writing.

What to look for while proofreading

  • Check grammatical errors yourself or tools or online writing services 
  • Remove spacing and double spacing 
  • Replace spelling mistakes with correct words
  • Keep your eyes on uncompleted words

Do’s & Dont’s 


  • Preferably to write an essay in the first-person perspective or third-person where needed
  • Begin your introduction with an interactive hook line to grab the readers’ attention
  • Make sure to clear your point of view. So, readers know what to expect
  • Follow the proper academic format.
  • Follow a logical sequence and make sure one event is connected to another in chronological order.
  • In an essay keep your language easy to read.


  • Don’t write your essay in the second-person point of view
  • Don’t create your own fictional stories, write about real life events
  • Don’t use hard and complicated formal language and slang words
  • Don’t write about everything. Sometimes too many details can confuse the readers

Seek for Online Help

Nowadays, many students choose a part-time job or have other commitments. Thus, students have limited time to complete their long detailed essays. Every college or university around the globe assign essay writing with a deadline. Also, learners having time constraints choose to opt for online essay writing services as a helping hand. Online website such as homework minutes and homework joy provides professional writing services to their users. 

Advantages of hiring online essay writing services:

  • Plagiarism free content 
  • High quality work within the deadline
  • Help students to focus on their other commitments like exam preparation, part time jobs.
  • In depth research
  • Follows professional academic guidelines
  • Customization according to an individual’s need

A narrative essay is a skill that many students lack. While writing your essay keep these points in mind to improve your grades. Writing a long detailed essay can be time consuming. We encourage students to choose professional help for online essay writing services.