How To Write An Argumentative Essay With Essay Writing Service

How To Write An Argumentative Essay With Essay Writing Service

You might be assigned to write an argumentative essay in high school or college. But, what is an argumentative essay? An argumentative essay is a type of essay that is based on factual evidence and logical support to convince others. What makes an argumentative essay convincing? Argumentative essays use hard facts with relevant evidence and unquestionable logic to prove that it’s thesis is correct. The argumentative essay must contain the following points


It’s important to determine which side of the argument you are taking or supporting.


You should provide hard facts to support your reasons. It is essential to provide citations and references from where you gathered your evidence for an argumentative essay. In the absence of proper proof, the evidence may not be taken under consideration. 

Counter Arguments

In counter arguments, you need to present the other side of the argument. You need to present the opposing argument from your perspective. After providing these counter arguments, you need to state why the counter arguments are false, weak, or ineffective. Also, required to present further evidence to support your views.

The following skills are taken under consideration when grading your argumentative essay:

  • Research skills
  • Writing skills
  • Analytical skills

The argumentative essays have 3 approaches

  • Classical Approach
  • Toulmin arguments
  • Rogerian arguments

Classical Approach

Students in their academic argumentative essays mostly use the classical approach. It requires students to include a thesis statement also known as a hypothesis in the introduction. The classical approach consists of 5 parts.


The introduction in the classical approach is in the same format as a simple argument. The introduction includes the topic that is going to be discussed and presents the thesis or hypothesis statement.


Narration is where you have to provide a summary consisting of information relevant to the argument. This is also where you have to outline the circumstances that lead to your claim.


Here you need to present the facts and hard evidence to support your claim. The stronger the link between the evidence and your claim, the stronger your argument will be.


This is where you have to present or acknowledged the opposite point of view. In denial with support of evidence, you can dismiss all or nearly all claims against your opinion.


This is the final part of the argumentative essay in the classical approach. In this conclusion, you have to mention all the considered points and summarize the main key points and prove that your claim is better.

Toulmin Arguments

In the Toulmin argument method, six elements are used to build a good argumentative essay. These elements are 


The claim may also be called a thesis or hypothesis in essay writing. This is the central idea or affirmation which you have to defend by referring to facts and resources. 

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Grounds are the hard facts that you have to present in the essay to support your hypothesis or thesis.

Example: More than 50% of students miss a deadline due to limited time and face the consequences


The warrant is the logical link that connects your grounds with the claim. This is what makes the audience understand the connection. Sometimes, the warrant is not implicit directly. But, the warrant can be stated directly as well if needed.

Example: Lack of management skills and overburden can be the reason for submitting essays after the deadline


The warranties are generally presented with backing. The backing provides additional support to the claim using relevant questions.

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A qualifier is a sentence that can be used to show that the argument is still subjective in nature. Also, the argument is not intended to be held as absolute truth.

Example: The access to the classroom and college is not enough to score good grades. Support from online writing services is also needed.


In rebuttal, you need to present the point of view from the opposite side of the argument.  The rebuttal and the qualifier are closely connected.

Example: “Students are able to score the desired marks with online writing services. Yet many students choose online writing services to boost their grades. ”

Rogerian Arguments

The Rogerian argument method has four elements to build a good argumentative essay. 


The introduction starts with the hook line which attracts the attention of the professor who is grading your essay. You need to introduce the topic as a problem to solve.

Your point of view

You have to present your point of view on the argument. You are establishing a common ground, which you might already share. 

The other point of view 

State the opinion of your opposition’s point of view in an objective manner. So, the opposite side knows that you understand its position.


The conclusion should contain all the essay’s key points mentioned in the body. It should contain the evidence why your opinion is overwhelming with evidence supporting your thesis.

Do’s and Don’ts in Argumentative essays

Do: State the kind of essay

The arguments can be of different types in argumentative essays. All of them are based upon only 4 elements which are as follows:

  • Facts
  • Definitions
  • Evaluations
  • Proposals

Don’t: Come to an argument without relevant facts and evidence

Argumentative essays are strongly based on evidence and facts. You have to back up your claim with the relevant evidence and reference. 

Do: Structure your essay logically

The flow of the essay should be logical. Following the guidelines given by your college, will help the audience or professor to understand your point of view more clearly.

Don’t: Make a mess in the conclusion

Many students start strong in the first half of an argumentative essay but lose their concentration at the conclusion. The conclusion must contain a summary of all the points discussed and why your opposites’ point of view is weaker in front of yours.

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